10:11 PM, Monday, 20 December 2021

‍‍We’re now about a month and a half in living in a new place, a single floor condominium townhouse and feeling the pressure of dealing with an HOA all of a sudden and its regulations and their being real picky about having everyone comply with a long collection of rules. We didn’t realize it was going to be like this and it makes me wish I had a house of our own somewhere where no one would be telling (nagging) you about what to do like it was all those years with our two houses in Erie.
Today I drove past Pebble Cove where we first lived in Renton for 3 years and passed Avaya Trails where we lived another 2 years and apartment life did have its down sides but we kind of got used to it but grew to not like the idea of throwing ran away and not keeping anything from it, and we will get used to this too, but they’ve shown that they have nothing against being a headache for the people who have scraped and saved to be able to buy these properties. They think they have to be this way to keep everything nice and maybe they’re right. I don’t know how much trouble they have with other residents. I don’t want to exaggerate, but it seems like they’re picking on us, which I guess they’re not maybe they think they have to ‘train’ us and teach us some respect for the laws of this piece of land, then let up.  But we just moved in, no welcome was given in any form, and I wrote them a letter today with a little bit of snark thanking them for their welcoming approach to their new residents.  Not exactly warm and fuzzy, more like a slap in the face,  one side than the other.  That said, we’re not wanting to go back to apartment life.

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