First snow in a place where there are not many of them
nor are they very deep
when they do sneak in
usually under the cover of  night
but nothing compared to what I know from other places I’ve loved and endured 
and it may not even make another appearance in this lingering gray winter of stubborn tension and viral threats.

That said, this little more than a hint of white precipitation
is calming both from this side of the window
and even while leaving  tracks in it with my dog
in a brief reconnaissance around the homestead

But in this place it will all but shut down everything
It will serve as a welcome excuse to not go here or there
to not pass go
Or labor           or teach or learn
to not engage in commerce
To not
worry today about the overlords for a moment
Or even go out to look for provisions
Just to breathe  go back to bed and
bask in that sweet relief of survivors.

How distinct from what I’ve always known
the hardy hunters and gatherers across the harsh continent
ignoring or surmounting obstacles
A tribe you couldn’t keep down or inside no matter what you threw at them
They would barely sneeze at this

Wouldn’t shiver. Wouldn’t hesitate.
They would be amused at this front page shock and awe
at such a gentle whisper of weather as this.


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