Listening to the great Richie Havens do a Dylan cover Just like a Woman.
It’s a glorious version of a classic. Havens and Dylan were contemporaries on the folk circuit of the time.
Going today up to Seattle for Thanksgiving dinner a week plus after Thanksgiving because Quilla was celebrating the holiday back along the North Dakota Minnesota  line with her fiance, Jeff’s family. I cooked our Thanksgiving dinner vegetarian version and Quilla will be doing one today vegan-style, and it will give us an opportunity  to catch up on stuff and be in each other’s presence, which we all find re-energizing and extremely pleasant. I have also joined a poetry club at an excellent Senior Center we have here near our house.
Now Richie Havens comes on with another hit from the past –Handsome Johnny– a classic anti-war song that he used to sing around the country during the Vietnam war, although the song mentions other hostilities throughout history. Because war is definitely unending.

We had three snows three days in a row this week which is kind of unheard of for the Seattle area. Each night we got about 2 inches of snow and then during the day it melted and then the very next evening it fell again… so that has happened three nights in a row. I didn’t really have to shovel the walks, but I did for the sake of the delivery people, as a courtesy and safety precaution for ice because almost all of our ‘provisions’  are delivered …I barely rarely go to stores anymore. That said, I did have to go to Walmart today and I did see more masks than I’d seen the last time (about a week ago). This is a good area for the whole thing about masking during the pandemic… we didn’t have the insanity around here of people refusing to wear masks and fighting so that you didn’t wear them either… getting in your face in stores, etc. I didn’t see one instance of that. Also, nobody now when I might be the only person with a mask, comes up to me fists raised and growling. It’s quite live and let live here.  Those are the benefits of living in a blue area and it’s funny but useful for clarification and real that we’ve become reduced to two colors, although the colors are quite indicative of what’s going on in those areas aside from the fact that you have small blue pockets in red areas and red individuals or pockets in predominantly blue ones.

About the snow … because they don’t have a lot of removal, salting equipment here they don’t even salt the streets when there’s snow.. this kind of causes a lot of people just to stay home even if it’s just 2 inches or so, which is fine with me.  On these three days the sun has come out and the temperature has gone up in the 40s so the snow just disappears quickly, not like what I’m used to in the Northeast…some of those winters hanging on forever.  We need the precipitation here in the winter so whether it’s rain or snow I guess both work and both are important. Actually snow is a little bit easier to cope with in my view. We’ve had winters where it rains every day for a month or so. Of course, back east I’ve had that much snowing too, so one just needs to do what’s necessary to cope and whatever the harsh weather is –cold, wind, rain, snow, ice, I always count my blessings that I have a warm home with someone I love to share it with and health… the only health complaint I have is aches and pains and stiffness and to some degree that’s my own fault for not moving around enough I’m working on that though.

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