I mentioned in a post yesterday that I was leaving my literal comfort zone home sweet home and venturing out to meet with different people in the activities they offer at the Kent Senior Center, just trying to interact with some other humans for a change. I just read an article where seniors get all kinds of health benefits from these encounters– provided we don’t give each other COVID or flu 😉. I’m participating in a poetry club which has gone well. Today I went for the first time to one of their two book clubs and discovered that I was the only man in the group with 16 women! It reminded me of all the interactions I had with the smart women at Fairview High School in the sweet gone days. I enjoyed hearing all of their takes on the book, The Midnight Library, and the connections to their lives that were inspired by it. And I had some nice conversations with some of the women afterward about their circumstances. It was a pleasant experience for the afternoon and I’m glad I went. All welcomed me warmly as well which was kind of them.
I may also go to a bilingual club that they have and offer myself as a conversation partner for those people who are trying to advance their speaking skills in Spanish.

One comment

  1. What does your psychiatrist think?

    Better watch them old ladies. Those Blue Hairs are looking for a man!!!!

    Good thing they can’t run too fast.


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