It’s been a bunch of minutes since I’ve posted anything here…been working on other things. But still alive and still noticing things and commenting…on other platforms is all.

So apparently they found a dead body in the woods in the park within walking distance of my house. A little startling that news because it’s so up close and personal. And down just a little ways from that at the YMCA, apparently there was a shootout between occupants in two cars. I don’t know how that turned out, who won and who lost, or maybe it was a tie, or how much damage was done. And it got me thinking, not so much to be afraid, although it does inspire caution when out in the neighborhood, but about payback, how it can be a bitch and everything, and how many of these cases are retribution for previous offenses, trying to balance the scales as they say, even before the authorities and official justice can kick in.

The reason I say that is because apparently the dead body in the woods was someone who was being pursued for having killed somebody else. Tit for tat maybe, as they say, vengeance… evening out the account books of life. Maybe God and the devil working out the details and the collection schedule, I don’t know. Harsh times these are.

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